Bringing Social Science Back In: The “Big Data” Revolution and Urban Theory NEW!

Robert J. Sampson and Mario Luis Small

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Emily Talen

‘Black’ Suburbanization: American Dream or the New Banlieue?”

Kimberley S. Johnson

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Cynthia Rudin

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John Mollenkopf

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Marta C. Gonzalez

Decency, Design, and Development in New York City’s Historically Black Neighborhoods

John Mollenkopf

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Harvey Molotch

Designing the Transformation of the Decent City: Theory and Practice

Aseem Inam


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Diversity, Toleration, and Space in Metropolitan America

Thomas Sugrue

Ethnic Conflict in Urban Asia

Ashutosh Varshney

Global Politics Go Local in the American City

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Group Relations and Urban Design

Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris

Harlem in the 2000s: Diversity, Revitalization, Gentrification, and Equity

Susan Fainstein

How the Debate over Public vs. Private Transportation Hurts Everyone

Robert Bruegmann

How to Navigate the Data Deluge: Ecometrics and the Case for the Urban Social Sciences NEW!

Daniel O’Brien and Robert J. Sampson

Immigrant Political Representation and the Social Geography of Migration

Rafaela Dancygier

Inequality and Urban Space: Some Notes on Institutional Isolation and Social Connectedness

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Issues of Construct Validity and Reliability in Massive, Passive Data Collections NEW!

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Love Thy Neighbor(hood)

Michael Sorkin

Mapping the Social Geography of Urban Inequality

Nicole P. Marwell

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Notes on Neighborhood Inequality and Urban Design

Robert J. Sampson

Open and Closed Design

Richard Sennett

Opportunities for Social Theory in the Age of Big Data NEW!

Luís M.A. Bettencourt

An Organizational Perspective on Social Isolation

Mario Luis Small

Planning the Decent City

Paul Goldberger

The Politics of Spatial Inequality

Margaret Weir

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Joscha Legewie

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Diane Davis

Six Steps Toward Inequality

Gerald Frug

Some Preliminary Thoughts on Inequality and Urban Space: Looking Back, Thinking Comparatively, Heading Forward

Diane Davis

Spatial Data Science for an Enhanced Understanding of Urban Dynamics NEW!

Luc Anselin

The Spatial Dimensions of Inequality

Paul Jargowsky

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Tolerance and Intolerance of Extralegal Habitation

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Urban Cleansing: Evictions, Insecurity, and Intolerance in Global Perspective

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Youth, the City, and Public Interventions: Challenging Patterns of Inequality and Separation

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